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On behalf of your community, PMP Management is excited to bring you a new, modern website with enhanced functionality for your association service needs. Our hope is that this new community website serves as an important resource for community documents and information, and a useful tool for communicating with our management team.

At PMP, extraordinary customer care and delivering the industry’s most innovative services is the foundation for all we do. Building community is our life’s work. We are continually looking for new ways to connect with our resident clients, and our newest website platform with access to our PMP Gateway online portal is an example of our ongoing quest to provide our valuable clients with a multitude of ways to address their association service needs.

While we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new, enhanced online platform, rest assured it is not in lieu of our Community Care Team that answers every telephone call with a live professional or our local division open-door office policy. Our new online platform is simply another way we are delivering the industry’s most innovative, user-friendly services.

Thank you for being the best part of PMP!

Your Community Care Team

Phone: (888) 882-0588




How do I get a login?

Email or call us at (661) 295-4900. Be sure to include your name, association and property address.

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Log into the Website and click the green “Make a Payment" to the right of your Account Balance.

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Log into the Website, select "My Items", then select "Submit a Request".